Project 194, Day 7: The Chase

We’re a week into Project 194, a six-month long festival of songs I’ve written that I’m sharing via the internet, and the response thus far has been really gratifying. It has made me so happy to get my songs out of storage and share them with you!

sylvester-frontToday’s song is actually an instrumental composition called The Chase, which comes from the score for Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. Sylvester is one of two shows I composed for Enchantment Theater Company; the other, Harold and the Purple Crayon, is currently out on its third national tour, and I guarantee you’ll hear some music from that show in the coming weeks. You also may get a preview of new work that I’m composing for them right now, including The Brave Little Tailor, adapted from the tale by the Brothers Grimm, which opens in April.

Is it accurate to call this composition a song? Well, it’s a compact, closed-form composition like a song, but it’s organized a bit differently than a song would be. I actually wrote this as a piece before I knew which scene in Sylvester it’d be used for, but its contrapuntal qualities seemed well suited to a scene in which two police dogs search high and low for the missing donkey Sylvester.

The superb instrumentalists on this recording are Ron Kerber (saxes and flutes), Matt Gallagher (trumpet), Kevin MacConnell (bass) and Lars Halle (drums). All of them are colleagues at UArts, and they were a joy to work with in the studio.

If you missed them, these are the songs already posted on Project 194: Let’s Go (Day 1), What Happened To The Song (Day 2), Have A Little Christmas On Me (Day 3), The Hunk With The Funk (Day 4), Hit Me! (Day 5), I‘m A Show! (Day 6).

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