The Man’s A Riddle, from Realities (Day 16)

The second song in Realities is “The Man’s A Riddle,” a jaunty expository ditty. First to sing is Alex’s doctor, describing the situation for the benefit of Anna, a new physical therapist that he’s hoping will be able to help rehabilitate his patient. Next to join the song is Cybil, who expresses her frustration at the way Alex has rebuffed her efforts to find a backer for his software. The barking sounds come from Arff, another of Alex’s quirky acolytes; Arff is a technical wizard but a shy, stammering social misfit more comfortable expressing himself by making dog noises. By the end of the song, Anna, the new therapist, has joined the song, and all agree that Alex needs to “get a proper grip on reality.”

The singers are Charlie McCloskey, Jen Avila, Jeff Marsh and Deirdre Finnegan.

The man’s a riddle, a challenge, my dear.
He’s been my patient for over a year,
But he’s a puzzle, a source of aggravation.
His rehabilitation’s going slowly, I fear!

He’s never been the type you’d call a social superstar,
And things have gone from bad to worse ever since he wrecked his car.
He stares at his computer screen for hours on end,
And talks to it as if it was his only friend!

The man’s a problem, but I’ve got a plan.
Though I can’t reach him, I think that you can.
Get his attention, arouse his expectations.
I think imagination is the key to this man.

His temper’s hot. He’s also got an obstinate streak.
The therapist before you lasted less than a week.
You’re apt to grow impatient with this patient, you’ll see
You ought to charge him double for the trouble he’s gonna be!

Heigh-ho, hey diddle diddle, the man is a riddle!

The man’s a riddle. His money is spent.
What good is genius when you can’t pay the rent?
I want to help him, to offer some assistance,
But all of his resistance is just wearing me down.

My sources in the entertainment industry say
It’s more than hype, this prototype will blow them away!
I found a guy from Sony who was ready to pay,
But Alex smelled a phony and threw two million bucks away!

The man’s a riddle, a little obsessed.
His self-awareness is shaky at best.
He may deny it, but he’s got great potential,
And that’s why it’s essential he start facing the facts!

His x-rays show no reason why his body won’t heal.

We’ll be the next Nintendo if we find the right deal.

I think that I could help, but it’s as plain as can be
That first he’s got to get a proper grip on reality!

Heigh-ho, hey diddle diddle, the man is a riddle!

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