Welcome to Project 194: Songs for Sixty!

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It’s a sixtieth birthday bash! It’s a concept album!

It’s an anthology revue! It’s an annotated career retrospective!

Project 194 is, as Ed Sullivan would say, a “rilly big shew.”

I started Project 194 on the first day of 2015, after looking back over a career of more than forty years of composing and songwriting activity and deciding it wasn’t right that so many great songs (and so many great performances) were stashed away on tapes and CDs where no one could enjoy them. I began the year with a promise to post an original song on my blog every day until my sixtieth birthday. Since then, hundreds of visitors have listened to my songs, and I’ve been blown away by the comments I’ve received. Other bloggers have written about me here and here. And now you’re here! Welcome!

By now, there’s been quite a few songs posted in Project 194, and you may be wondering: With so many songs to choose from, where do I start?

CG 12If you want my recommendation, I suggest Day 32, “Hear My Song!”, which addresses the why’s and wherefore’s of these posts. You could even “start at the very beginning,”as Maria advises in The Sound of Music, with Day 1, “Let’s Go!”

The menu on the right offers you a handful of options, chosen randomly from the songs that have been posted to date, as well as a menu that shows you the songs posted most recently. The “tag cloud” offers you some other ways to explore the songs. Whichever path you choose, there’s amazing songs waiting for you, and I guarantee you’ll have my ingratiating authorial companionship along the way.

I hope you’ll read about my interactive composition, “Hear My Song,” and consider contributing a video clip. It’s a way you can participate in the festivities here, regardless of where in the physical world you are located. There will also be a live concert on my birthday, July 13, 2015, in Philadelphia, and there’ll be more news about that here eventually.

While you’re reading this, a menu is likely to pop up, inviting you to subscribe. You can also subscribe by following this link. If you do that, you’ll get emails from me every couple of days with links to the most recent posts, along with a bit of palaver. Folks tell me it’s pleasant to get them.

A bell’s not a bell ’til you ring it;
A song’s not a song ’til you sing it.
Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay;
Love isn’t love ’til you give it away.
~ Oscar Hammerstein II

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