The Bremen Town Musicians

My newest work for Enchantment Theater Company, The Bremen Town Musicians, began its five-week tour of schools in the five-county region last week. These performances are part of their “Enchantment Everywhere” initiative, which makes these high-quality productions available to area schools at a highly subsidized price so that schools with limited resources can still have access to the magic of Enchantment Theater.

The work features two songs for which I wrote lyrics as well as music. Elexis Morton provides the vocals for these two selections, and D’Arcy Webb can be heard as the narrator and the spoken voices of the characters. Also featured: Mark Cristofaro on drums and Chris Farrell on guitar, at a session engineered by my son Kerry at Redwoods in Queen Village. Enjoy!

CHORUS (as they enter and parade around in a circle)
Brementown! Goin’ to Brementown!
Brementown! Come on down! (repeat)

NARRATOR: Once upon a time….

They told me I was tired.
They told me I was fired.
They told this aging donkey he was through.
There must be some mistake!
It’s wrong to try to make
A beast so fine and funky into glue.
Boo-hoo! Hee-haw!

(Calling like a siren.) Brementown!

Did you say… Brementown?

(Nodding “yes.”) Lose that frown, baby,
Dry your eyes!

Seems to me this catastrophe
Just might be a blessing in disguise!

‘Cause I’m not too old to have a new adventure!
It would be a crime to let them get me down!
Though it’s not exactly what I planned,
I think I’ll start a band
And in time, I’ll make my name in Brementown

Brementown! Come down to Brementown!
Brementown! Come on down!

DONKEY (as he travels and the chorus sings)
Yee-haw! Hee-haw!

Yoo-hoo! (lines)

They said I wasn’t nice
No good at catching mice
They didn’t like my “cattitude” somehow
They kicked me out because
I like to use my claws
But what do I do now? Meow! Meow!

(The DONKEY chimes in and they lament together.)
Hee-haw! Meow! Hee-haw! (Suddenly he stops; he’s got an idea.)

I think me and you should have a new adventure?
You should never let the haters get you down!
Cause you got a voice that’s mighty grand
Do you wanna join my band?
(He plays his mandolin)
We can go and make a name in Brementown

[They meow and her-haw over music as they exit. In a subsequent scene:]

A rooster’s gotta crow
But I do an early show
And the farmer’s wife can’t stand my morning song
My cock a doodle doo
’S gonna land me in the stew! Boo-hoo-hoo!
Guess the smartest thing to do move along!

[Scene: cat protests, donkey makes peace]

We can be a trio! How’s that for an adventure?
Our collective brio will earn us great renown

You’ve made your point, I understand
The bird can join the band
Now let’s go and find our fame in Brementown!

Brementown I hear you callin’!
They say that there’s no better place to play!

The fans will adore us

They’ll clap and cheer for us

Let’s wrap up this chorus
And get on our way

To Brementown!
And we’ll stake our claim
Our lives won’t be the same
Once we’ve gone and made our name in Brementown

It’s better when we’re together
It’s better when you have a crew
We can’t make our dream work
If we don’t have teamwork,

It’s true!

We better get our act together
Let’s band together, like a band
And if our lives don’t go as planned,
We’ll have each other,
Like a sister or a brother!

It’s no surprise that we’re different.
Use your eyes, it isn’t hard to see.
But if we all come together,
We’ll make harmony, just like a family!

It’s better when we’re together
And it’s betterer when we’re togetherer,
It’s better when we’re together
It’s betterer togetherer,
It’s betterer togetherer,
It’s betterer together, it’s true!

[Fantasy. They imagine themselves in the future, as a successful group.]

Hey look, we got our act together
We made it to the top somehow
It took us some teamwork
But we made our dream work
Holy cow!

[ROOSTER] The three of us are birds of a feather
[CAT] We’re what you’d call the cat’s meow
[ALL] There’s nothin’ gonna stop us now!

Look out, yo, here comes the donkey
Feelin’ fine and fresh and funky
Hee-haw! Hee-haw!

Listen to that rooster cluckin’
Move your feet and keep on truckin’
Buck buck-a buck buck-a buck buck BUCK!

Watch this rappin’, tappin’ kitty
Make it happen in the city!
Me-OW! Mee-OW!

[tap dance break]

One and one and one makes three
You and me and she makes we
We’re a hit collectively
Break it down!
It’s better when we’re together
And it’s betterer when we’re togetherer