Harold and the Purple Crayon

Harold posterBelow are the music tracks for Harold and the Purple Crayon, the score for which I composed in the summer of 2009. Harold is a remarkably inventive adaptation of Crockett Johnson’s beloved series of children’s books that was created by Enchantment Theater Company, and the work is currently touring the US for the third time. Harold and his adventures will be onstage at the Merriam Theater in Philly on April 12 and 13, 2015.

Fellow composer Barry Schleifer dropped me this note after seeing “Harold” in Charlottesville, VA: “While I enjoyed the production (and my kids enjoyed it even more), I was awestruck by the musical score that you created. As a music composer myself, I was mesmerized at how you married such an innovative (and complicated score) to a youth-oriented production. It all worked splendidly together, yet I was amazed at how much musicality, effort and detail was evident in your score. Not once did you take the ‘easy way out,’ preferring instead to maximize the effectiveness of every scene. The quality of your work is both humbling and inspiring . . . thanks!” Barry, I’m humbled and inspired by your praise. Thank YOU!

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