Gemini the Musical


Gemini the Musical, which premiered at the Prince Music Theater in 2004, had its New York premiere in September 2007 as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival. created this video feature about the NYMF production, which features performances by Linda Hart, Joel Blum, Dan Micciche, Kirsten Bracken Scott and Bethe Austin and commentary by yours truly.

Gemini3 Gemini2

Songs from Gemini the Musical

One Big Family – opening number of 2007 version, composer’s demo

That’s My Ivy League Son – the revised opening number I wrote in 2007 that arrived too late to go into the show [coming soon!]

The Hunk With The Funk
– 2003 Prince Music Theater cast, including Jeremiah Downes, Jillian Louis, Barry James Horbal, Linda Hart and Todd Buonapane

Trolley – 2003 Prince Music Theater cast, with Todd Buonapane and Jillian Louis.

Gemini4 Gemini5

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