A Tiny Miracle

LittleTreeCharles Gilbert’s holiday musical “A Tiny Miracle” is based on Richard Wainwright’s book of the same name, first published in 1986. This one-act musical recounts the adventures of a tiny evergreen seedling from planting day til Christmas morning. Planted in the shade of a giant oak, the Little Tree doesn’t grow as tall as the other pines and spruces, but this tiny tree still has big dreams about the love it will share at Christmas. In the course of its journey, the Little Tree will encounter a host of colorful characters and learn how faith and generosity are essential parts of the holiday spirit.

atinymiracle186Richard Wainwright’s “A Tiny Miracle” was a favorite Christmas story in the Gilbert household, and its uplifting message of faith and love seems to have touched the hearts of everyone who has seen and heard this musical adaptation. Opera for Youth News praises it as “a refreshing piece that I recommend for your holiday season.” “A Tiny Miracle” is a charming story for the whole family, told with warmth and wit.

Production Requirements: A Tiny Miracle is a musical that can be presented successfully in a variety of production schemes, from the intimate to the grand. The roles include a young boy and his grandfather, and the work will be well-served by a multi-generational cast. The piece is ideally suited to an inventive scheme of production, possibly incorporating digital animation, dance, puppets and/or actor-instrumentalists.

Order the book or Audio CD (contains all the songs from the musical) here or download the Tiny Miracle script by clicking here.

Songs from A Tiny Miracle

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