Assassins lobby compHere’s a photo from April 2004 at Studio 54 on the opening night of the Roundabout Theater Company’s production of Sondheim and Weidman’s Assassins. If you could read the microscopic text at the bottom of the poster, you would see that this musical is based on my 1979 musical of the same name.

The 25-year journey that led from a production in a converted tire warehouse in Pittsburgh to opening night on Broadway can be read in my article “A Tale of Two Assassins,” which appeared in The Sondheim Review, which you can download if you click here. Lara Housez, a doctoral candidate at Eastman School of Music, presented a paper entitled “On the Trail of Two Assassins” at a recent the Society for American Music conference; click here to download a copy of that presentation.

The phrase “Hit the Prez and Win a Prize” (seen in the Hirschfeld drawing above) and the idea of bringing the assassins together in the setting of a shooting gallery were both in my musical, by the way. Just saying.

Songs with the tag Assassins on Project 194:

Hashish Fantasy – 1979 Theater Express cast

We Can Shoot You – Theater Express cast

In My Room – From a 2015 living room concert

I’m A Show – Jed Harris at Theater Express 1979

Look At Lee – Claudia Carlsson in Watch The Birdie, where this song eventually ended up

I Can’t Change The Channel – Michael Doherty, also in Watch The Birdie

Squeaky’s Song – 1979 Theater Express cast