A Is For Anything

A Is For Anything cast photoA Is For Anything is a work for young audiences commissioned by the Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education. I was writer, composer, director and producer of the piece – I even drove the Volvo on tour! It had its premiere in Delaware in 1988 and toured to schools in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Central New York over the course of the next few years.

A Is For Anything logoMy interest in writing for young audiences was aroused by the birth of my son Alex, to whom the piece is dedicated, in 1985. The role of Amelia was written for my wife, Alex’s mom, D’Arcy Webb, and has been played by Heather Carroll McCarty and Holly Cordes. The role of Anna was first performed by Lori Bellamy and has also been played by Rachael Rosner and Molly Lahr. Jeff Murphy was the first Answer Man, and Bob Rumnock was equally smashing in the role.

Later, the piece was produced by the Blue Ridge Summer Theater Festival in Harrisonburg, VA, with Bev Appleton producing and a cast headed by Dennis Necsary.

In the past, the show has been performed with a recorded soundtrack, but the idea of performing it with live instrumentalists (or some sort of versatile ensemble of singer-actor-instrumentalists) intrigues me, and is a project I’d eagerly undertake in a second!

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