book by Steve Hochman
music and lyrics by Charles Gilbert

Realities photoAlex Inman is a master coder of virtual realities. Confined to a wheelchair because of a recent crippling auto accident, Alex sees VR as a means of escaping the pain and physical limitations of his condition into an idealized world where his vision and values can prevail.

Realities was written between 1993-96, and had two workshop productions. The first reading featured students in the Musical Theater Program at The University of the Arts, including Bill Buddendorf, Natalie Kidd, Jeff Marsh, Sam Hines and Peter Rios. The second, the source of these recordings, featured Matt Cloran, Forrest McClendon, Deirdre Finnegan, Jennifer Avila, Jeffrey Marsh, Charlie McCloskey, Jeff Murphy, Claudia Carlsson and others.

What A Trip!
vocal: Jeff Murphy, Jennifer Avila

The Man’s A Riddle
vocal: Charlie McCloskey, Jen Avila, Jeff Marsh, Deirdre Finnegan

Change The World
vocal: Matt Cloran

The Man’s A Riddle (reprise)
vocal: Jennifer Avila, Jeff Marsh

Getting Stronger Every Day
vocal: Deirdre Finnegan, Matt Cloran

Behind The Screen
vocal: Claudia Carlsson

Multiple Windows
vocal: Jennifer Avila

We’re Never Gonna Make It
vocal: Matt Cloran and Deirdre Finnegan

The Cutting Edge/Smash N Grab

The Cutting Edge – longer version from cabaret show

What Happened To The Song?

vocal: Forrest McClendon