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Bells at Midnight, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 97)


Halfway there!

I began posting songs on January 1, and made a commitment to post a song a day for 194 days. Today, I celebrate 97 straight days, which is the halfway point in the journey to that goal.

Since starting out, I’ve hosted over 1,300 visitors and more than 3,500 pageviews, and 1,500 of those page views have been more than 3 minutes long. Although the daily traffic is nothing spectacular, the cumulative impact is impressive.

It makes me think, again, about the song Have A Little Faith from A Tiny Miracle, in which I wrote:

A single flake of snow can start an avalanche.
One root, alone, can split a stone in two,
And little acorns grow to be
Majestic oaks eventually.
Although you may be small,
There’s big things you can do!

And so Project 194 continues. It’s all downhill from here!

When we last left the Little Tree in A Tiny Miracle, she was certain that she would spend Christmas Eve alone, her beauty unappreciated, her gift of love unshared. Much to the surprise of the Little Tree and Wally, the tree lot proprietor, a customer rushes up at the last minute, and is only too happy to buy the Little Tree. He hails a cab and takes the Little Tree to a hospital room where the man’s wife is in labor, and as the bells of Christmas ring out at midnight, their child is born.

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Alone, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 96)

Yesterday’s post from A Tiny Miracle captured the hustle and bustle of a busy tree lot, with customers and carolers all filled with the holiday spirit. At the end of the day, Wally, the proprietor of the tree lot, encounters a man who’s down on his luck and a little bit short of funds; I posted the song that Wally sings, Have A Little Christmas On Me, in an earlier post.

Eventually, all the trees on the lot are sold – all, that is, except for the Little Tree, who has observed the comings and goings on the lot from a perch on Wally’s shed. As Wally closes up for the night on Christmas Eve, it becomes painfully apparent that the Little Tree will not find a home, and she sings the song Alone:

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The Perfect Tree, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 95)

Tree LotThere’s something slightly odd about posting a song about Christmas trees on Easter Sunday. We’ve got spring flowers in a vase on the piano and the sun is beaming into my office, lifting our spirits and creating a mood of rebirth. Nevertheless, on Day 95 of Project 194, it’s time to move on to the next song in A Tiny Miracle, and it’s a particularly good one. The Perfect Tree is a big choral production number inspired by the illustration from Richard Wainwright’s book that you see on the left.

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Make Me Beautiful, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 94)

In my last Tiny Miracle post, the Little Tree received assurances from the Wise Oak that her “purpose would be plain in time” and that she needed to “have a little faith.”

The next song in A Tiny Miracle, Whispering Trees, was featured in an earlier post here. Back on Day 27, I was posting weather-related songs, and Whispering Trees depicts a wintry scene with evergreen trees slumbering beneath the winter snows.

Inevitably, though, the time comes for the trees to be cut down and taken to market. The Little Tree is nearly left behind, but the Grandson (now considerably grown up himself) pleads with his Grandfather and the tree he planted is added to the others already on the truck. On their way to be delivered to a tree lot in the city, the trees sense the excitement in the air, and fantasize about how they will be decorated for the holiday.

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