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I’m (Not) Growing, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 93)

The story of the Little Tree continues in this third episode of A Tiny Miracle. Although she is initially exhilarated by the feelings of growth that spring induces, she is dismayed to discover that all the other trees are growing faster than she is.

Something very strange has happened here, I see.
Every tree is growing — every one but me!
Will I stay a twig, or
Will I, too, get bigger?
Can you help me figure how this came to be?
(spoken) I’m not growing!

The Wise Oak offers some reassurance in the next song, which I’ve already posted earlier in Project 194. Still, you should listen to it in the context of the story to appreciate its meaning.

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I’m Growing, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 92)

LittleTreeIn yesterday’s episode of A Tiny Miracle, the Grandson planted a little Christmas tree in the shade of the Wise Oak tree, not knowing that the shade of the Oak would slows its growth. Before long, strange feelings begin to stir in all the trees, as the growing season begins. The lead vocalist on this track is Anah Klate, a UArts musical theater student at the time this recording was made.

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A Tiny Miracle (Day 91)

A Tiny Miracle coverIn the next series of posts for Project 194, I’ll be showcasing the songs of A Tiny Miracle, a musical I composed in 1999 and 2000. These tracks were made as a studio demo during my sabbatical leave in the spring of 2000, and feature students and pros who performed the work in December 1999 along with friends I roped in.

Let’s start with the opening “Prelude” of the show and the first song. You’ll recognize D’Arcy’s voice as the storyteller, Todd Waddington sings the part of the Grandfather, Joilet Harris as the Wise Oak and my young son (9 years old at the time) as the Grandson, Timothy.

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Whispering Trees, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 27)

Winter Storm Juno let us off easy, as it turns out, and so instead of the “deepest snows” I was anticipating, we’ve got about an inch on the ground here in Philadelphia. Even so, today’s song is Whispering Trees from A Tiny Miracle, and it couldn’t be more appropriate to the season. The song speaks of the promise of rebirth at a time when the world seems frozen: a heart-warming thought on a January day! Joilet Harris is the soloist, and the chorus includes Mary Ellen Grant Kennedy, Scott Ward,

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Have A Little Faith, from A Tiny Miracle (Day 24)

A Tiny Miracle coverThe song “Have A Little Faith” from “A Tiny Miracle” is my 24th offering of Project 194. A Tiny Miracle is a holiday musical about a little evergreen seedling that never grew big because it was planted in the shade of a big oak. The Little Tree can’t help but wonder why he isn’t growing bigger like all the other trees, and the Wise Oak reassures the little tree that there’s no need to worry. In other words, it’s not just a holiday story; “A Tiny Miracle” is a parable about finding your purpose, and that makes it meaningful year-round. My father and his wife bought Richard Wainwright’s book from the author at a book fair as a gift for our son Alex, and it stirred something in me the moment from I first read it. The incomparable Joilet Harris is the lead singer on this track.

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