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The Ogre I Adore, from Tales of the Dingo Forest (Day 45)

Happy Valentines Day! This track comes to you hot off the presses – recorded just this morning for your listening enjoyment, The Ogre I Adore! Quick, listen to the song, and then meet me down below after the lyric for the customary palaver…

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Listen, Friend, from BGDF (Day 44)

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, it’s only right and proper that we hear from my Valentine, the one and only D’Arcy Webb, who made her off-off-Broadway debut singing opposite Gregg Edelman in my musical BGDF in 1984. This was the first foray into New York for both of us, and it was a hair-raising experience, but luckily we got a lot of help from our friend Richard Aumiller, a classmate and pal of mine from Delaware days who’d made the move a few years earlier and established himself in a Hells Kitchen walkup. Dick not only agreed to direct the show (and wound up doing a lot of the heavy lifting of producing an Equity-approved showcase) but came to our rescue when the apartment we sublet turned out to be an unspeakable chamber of filth and saved the day with a mop and a sponge. The one redeeming feature of our grimy sublet was that it had a piano, on which I composed this tune. Give it a listen, and I’ll meet you down below the lyric for a few afterthoughts.

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This World, from Realities (Day 43)

A love song that’s free of irony? That doesn’t succumb to snark? It doesn’t happen often in the Chazzy G songbook, but I’ve got one for you today, a lovely ballad from the end of Realities, the 1996 musical I wrote with playwright Steve Hochman, called This World. If you’ve followed any of the earlier posts from Realities, you’ll recall that its main character, Alex Inman, designs virtual realities and retreats into those “silicon mirages” to escape the pain and humiliation of his crippled body. The tender ministrations of his therapist, Anna, awaken not only his limbs but his heart as well, and while that means he is susceptible to pain, he is also able to feel love, an emotion that’s been missing from his life for some time. Matt Cloran sings his heart out on this one.

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Who Wants To Be Married, from Leading Lady (Day 42)

Today’s song is a perfect fit for my Valentine’s Day-week medley: “Who Wants To Be Married?” from Leading Lady. Though I wasn’t thinking about it at the time, this song shares a similar point of view with a number of the songs in Stephen Sondheim’s score for “Company,” songs like “The Little Things You Do Together,” “Whaddya Wanna Get Married For?” and “Being Alive.” It acknowledges that marriage can be less than ideal – “a constant restraint/a cause for complaint” – while simultaneously celebrating the fact that every day millions of folks fall in love and get married.

This version of the song was performed by Alex Bechtel and Clare O’Malley in a September 2013 reading. These two former students are doing terribly well for themselves, I have to say: she’s currently appearing at the Walnut Street Theater in Private Lives, while he’s in Into The Woods currently at Theater Horizon. Clare and librettist Seth Bauer were both was kind enough to jot down some commentary about the song which you can read further down in the post.

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Somebody’s Knocking, from Gemini the Musical (Day 41)

Somebody's Knocking - Kirsten and DanWhat would you do if a bright, attractive, frisky young lady showed up at the door of your bedroom singing this song? I wrote this for the 2007 edition of Gemini the Musical, and the singers are Kirsten Scott (she was Kirsten Bracken then) and Dan Micciche. Details below after the lyric…

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