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Prelude and Planting Music
A Tiny Miracle
I'm Growing
I'm Growing (Not!)
Have A Little Faith
Whispering Trees
Make Me Beautiful
The Perfect Tree
Have A Little Christmas on Me
Bells At Midnight

A Tiny Miracle is a 45-minute one-act musical which recounts the adventures of a tiny evergreen seedling from planting day til Christmas morning. Planted in the shade of a giant oak, the Little Tree doesn't grow as tall as the other pines and spruces, but this tiny tree still has big dreams about being chosen by some family to decorate their home at Christmas. In the course of its journey, the Little Tree encounters a host of colorful characters and learns how faith and generosity are essential parts of the holiday spirit. A Tiny Miracle is a charming story for the whole family, told with warmth and wit, one that reminds us (in the words of one of its songs) that "although the winter's snows are keen, the gift of life is evergreen."

The musical A Tiny Miracle is based on Richard M. Wainwright's book of the same name, published in 1987 by Family Life Publishing. Wainwright's books have been widely praised for their compassionate sensitivity, and one critic notes that "Richard Wainwright has the rare gift of being able to uplift the spirit of children and adults equally."


Producing A Tiny Miracle

A Tiny Miracle is available for production at theaters, schools and churches worldwide. Charles Gilbert can provide scripts, scores and even a CD of instrumental accompaniments. Contact the author to receive a royalty quote, perusal materials and additional details.

A Tiny Miracle was originally conceived to be presented in the manner of an oratorio: onstage choristers on risers standing behind instrumentalists and soloists. This was the scheme of production used when the work had its premiere in December of 1999 at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and the First Unitarian Church of Wilmington, DE. It can be presented with as few as three instrumentalists (two keyboards and percussion) or with a pre-recorded instrumental soundtrack on CD. Needless to say, the work's potential to delight audiences could be enhanced by more extravagant production values, and the style and scope of the piece make it extremely well suited to an animated adaptation on video.


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