Poster art for the 1980 production of "Made By Two" at Cafe La MaMa in NYC, drawn by artist Tom Hachtman, creator of the legendary comic Gertrude's Follies and an alumnus of the Philadelphia College of Art (now The University of the Arts).

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images from The University of the Arts production
March 17 - 20, 2005

Gertrude and Alice visit "Club Moo"

Left: Gertrude and Alice seen thru Picasso's portrait
Right: "wedding is a wedding," under the canopy

"Do, do be my own one."

Left: "I say it in flowers."
Right: "A singing bird is singing in a pologna tree."

"Sectional! A cow in sections."

The cast: Kathryn Lyles as Gertrude, Amanda Harper as Alice, Taryn Cagnina as Harriett, Artie Sievers as Leo and Alex Bechtel as the Author, with Phoebe Silva, Jamin Katz and Mary Scholz