Wedding Anthem, from As You Like It (Day 62)

This morning, a song that honors marriage, one the comes from Shakespeare’s As You Like It (like the songs I posted yesterday and the day before):

Wedding is great Juno’s crown,
O blessèd bond of board and bed.
‘Tis Hymen peoples every town.
High wedlock then be honorèd.
Honor, high honor, and renown,
To Hymen, god of every town.

This song was written intentionally in a gospel style, and we were fortunate to have a terrific young singer, Wynter Spears, to deliver the message. On this track, you’ll hear me trying to approximate the stylings of Mahalia Jackson, and I’ll leave it to you to be the judge of my effectiveness.

For a contrasting point of view on the topic of marriage, listen to Who Wants To Be Married?, from my most recent musical, Leading Lady. Actually, this song is a bit of a head-fake: it is skeptical about the idea of marriage until the end, when the two characters experience a change of heart.

As a guy who’s been married for nearly 35 years, I consider myself an experienced commentator, and I’m definitely a fan. Of course, marrying the right individual is key, and luckily, I managed to do that. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine two people more dissimilar than D’Arcy and me, and there are still times, even after all these years of companionship, when those differences lead to conflict and unhappiness. Nevertheless, I remain convinced that what makes us different is part of what makes us great as a couple: we complete each other, we complement each other in countless ways, and that means we are greater together than we are separately. I wish more people could be as lucky as we are.

Hey, if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a story about Project 194 on the website The author is Carol De Giere, who’s the author of Defying Gravity, the definitive Stephen Schwartz bio, and her most recent book, The Godspell Experience, is a comprehensive resource for scholars and fans of that historic 1970 musical.

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