book by Steve Hochman
music and lyrics by Charlie Gilbert

Realities invites the audience to enter the world of Alex Inman, computer virtuoso and designer of “virtual realities,” a form of digital technology which enables an individual to enter and interact with computer-generated illusions. The VR experience surrounds the user with video or holographic images via goggles that cover the eyes and computer generated sounds, and a “data glove” is used to enable the user to touch and manipulate imaginary objects and navigate the terrain of this “silicon mirage.” In Alex’s world, imagination and technology combine to create a universe of unlimited possibilities.  

0:00 / 0:00
What A Trip
The Man's A Riddle
Change The World
The Man's A Riddle 2
Getting Stronger Every Day
Behind The Screen
Multiple Windows
We're Never Gonna Make It
The Cutting Edge
Smash N Grab
What Happened To The Song?
Aflame (Finale Act I)
What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
It's A Wonder That A Body Survives
Fuzzy Logic
Step Back, Sister
What Am I Getting Myself Into?
Double Yellow Line
Hard Drive (Double Crash)
I Have To Stand
At The Edge
This World/Getting Stronger reprise

For Alex, confined to a wheelchair as a result of a recent crippling auto accident, virtual reality is more than an intriguing experiment.  It is his means of escaping the pain and physical limitations of his condition into an idealized world where his vision and values can prevail. Realities narrates the events of several crucial days in the life of this tormented genius, when forces converge to shake his solitary world to its computerized core.

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Pictured on the left: Matt Cloran as Alex and Forrest McClendon as Miles in a concert reading of Realities.