Harold and the Purple Crayon

I created an original score for Enchantment Theatre Company’s production of Harold and the Purple Crayon in 2009. This was my first complete score for Enchantment and the beginning of a long and happy collaboration with Landis and Jennifer Smith, Leslie Reidel and Zachary Chiero. This was also everyone’s first attempt to create a stage production using animated video as a scenic element, and it was surprisingly effective. I was delighted with how the music turned out, thanks in no small part to the talents of the musicians who played on the recording: Matt Gallagher (trumpet), Ron Kerber (flutes and saxes), Kevin MacConnell (bass) and Lars Halle (drums). The show premiered at the Prince Music Theatre in Philadelphia and toured extensively in the months and years that followed. Thousands of pairs of young ears have heard my music because of Harold – imagine that!