I’m delighted to announce I’ve been named Executive Director of MusiCoLab, a new non-profit organization dedicated to “improving the climate for developing and showcasing new musical theater work, and to cultivating a supportive community of musical theater creators for networking, professional and artistic development in the greater Philadelphia region.”

MusiCoLab was started five years ago by Barbara Bellman, a local librettist and lyricist, and Seth Rozin, Producing Artistic Director of InterAct Theatre Company and a writer of plays and musicals. The organization has produced eight showcases featuring 91 songs by 43 regional composers and lyricists since its inception in July 2018, and I’m proud to have been one of those 43.

My appointment to this brand new position is a sign that MusiCoLab is growing and thriving. The organization has expanded its programming plans for 2023. We’re also formalizing our identity as a non-profit organization, which will give us the opportunity to do some more serious fundraising in support of those expanded programs.

I’ve been involved in nearly every aspect of musical theater in Philly over the past forty years, having taught, written, composed, directed, conducted and played for musicals in Philadelphia since the 1980’s. I’ve always maintained that musical theater has always been an important part of the vibrant artistic life of Philadelphia, and the prospect of bringing together writers, composers, creators and audiences to advance new musicals and contribute to the creative scene in my hometown is a very exciting one. 

Here’s a photo of me with the current board and staff of MusiCoLab at our most recent Zoom meeting. Read about these amazing folks here!

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