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Seven for Ed

I just sent off my submission to New Dramatists for the Kleban Prize in Musical Theater. Named for Ed Kleban, who earned an unexpected sackful of swag when A Chorus Line became a hit show, the prize is awarded each year to one lyricist and one librettist. The blind judging calls for each applicant to submit 5-8 song lyrics, and I took this as an occasion to identify some of my top work as a lyricist. All of the songs I chose were among the 194 that I posted last spring during my “Project 194” blog-a-thon, and the links to them are below:

From Gemini the Musical: Concrete, The Hunk With The Funk, I’m Gonna Jump

From Leading Lady: Good Show, Just Known, Who Wants To Be Married

From A Tiny Miracle: I’m Growing

If you’re new to the site, or interested in a curated list of “greatest hits” to guide your listening, you can’t go wrong with these seven. Still curious? The list in the right hand column will guide you to a random selection of other items from Project 194.

We Three, from Gemini the Musical (2007) (Day 188)

We Three: Ryan Reid, Kirsten Bracken Scott and Dan MiccicheThis song was added for the NYMF production of Gemini the Musical in 2007 – a trio for Francis, Judith and Randy at the end of the play as the brother and sister are preparing to leave Francis’s South Philly home. There’s a bit of video of these three lovely actors performing it on the BroadwayWorld NYMF feature here, about a third of the way through.

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Ask The Police, from Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (Day 159)

They’ve asked the neighbors, and they’ve asked the children

158 Ask The Children

But it’s been hours now, and their son Sylvester is still missing, so Mr. and Mrs. Duncan decide its time to go to the police. In Steig’s book, the police are pigs – which makes me wonder if Steig was thinking about the derogatory slang term used to refer to the police back in the sixties, when this was written. In the Enchantment Theatre version, the police are bloodhounds, with deerstalker caps and Sherlock Holmes-style capes, and they climb over and under one another trying to pick up the scent of their quarry during “The Chase,” the second part of today’s music. The third part of the music depicts the sadness of the parents who must accept the fact that their son has disappeared, and is called “Blue Burro.”